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Technology development in Malaysia is a widespread nowadays. A cordless telephone system or known as "Cellular Phone" has existed actively in Malaysia since the early 90’s. Historically, there were only two telecommunication companies involved at that time namely Telekom Malaysia and CELCOM (M) Sdn. Bhd. Through Telekom, it’s cellular telephone network was known as ATUR whereas Celcom’s network was known as ART networking system.

Initially, most of the cellular phone network coverage is confined to only urban and industrial area. However, when the demand for services increased from time to time, this indirectly has produced more new mobile phone providers such as MAXIS, DIGI and CELCOM to compete in this industry.

This healthy competition has improved the quality of services and the coverage of telecommunication networks. Thus, each company strives to ensure that their network coverage is more extensive, effective and less problematic to ensure customers are satisfied with the services provided. Based on such factors, network providers have established structures and towers aggressively whether on vacant land or appropriate housing area.

Therefore, the company has to coordinate, monitor and ensure all structures and telecommunication towers in Johor more organized, safe and applicable. Moreover, the company has to ensure that the Johor State Government’s Revenue can be optimized. Thus, D'HARMONI TELCO INFRA SDN. BHD. has been established to uphold these responsibilities and roles.

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